Wild Heart

Wild Heart

Park was abused by his own step father and he mistaken he ran off from home at a young 26, that his mommy does not love him. This affluent person who took him in as a kid helped him. Amawasee may be Park's stepfather's niece. She was miserable as he was nice to her when Park left and she's feeling for him. Years later Amawasee matches Park again since the guy who brought your house as your household was having difficulty due to the younger brother of Park, his step father placed available. Amawasee knew that he's her P'Park despite his cold demeanor but Park refused to just accept that he's P'Park, calling himself Raj Rutchapbumi now. Amawasee had been made to wed his brother by her own uncle. For increasing her, she agreed as a means to settle her uncle. After Park knew about the marriage between his brother along with Amawasee she was kidnapped by him to his farm. Really although he told her kidnapping her is part of his revenge against his family he did not need his own brother to be married by Amawasee because he loves her. He attributed turning him into a person who has no family Amawasee well. To continue to keep her by his side he needs to feign to despise her but he knows she is the one person who has been kind to him. She is the person who'll fix his broken heart and patch things up between his family and him.
Duration: 75 min
Country: Thailand

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