Monty Python's Flying Circus

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Monty Python's Flying Circus is actually just a British sketch comedy show created by the comedy group Monty Python and broadcast by the BBC. The shows were written of humour, sight-gags and observational sketches without punchlines. Additionally, it featured cartoons by Terry Gilliam, often sequenced or united with activity. The first episode was recorded on 7 September and broadcast 5 October 1969 on BBC One, with 4 5 episodes airing over four string in 1969 to 1974, also two episodes to German TV. The show are, also concentrates on British life's idiosyncrasies the of professionals sometimes politically charged. Monty Python's members were educated. Terry Jones and Michael Palin have been Oxford University graduates. John Cleese, eric Idle, and Graham Chapman attended Cambridge University. And American-born member Terry Gilliam is an Occidental College graduate. Their humor is often pointedly intellectual, with lots of references to philosophers and literary characters. The show followed and elaborated up on the style used by Spike Milligan in his groundbreaking series Q5, instead of the sketch show format. The team planned their humour to be more impossible to categorise, and triumphed so completely the"Pythonesque" was devised to set it later, identical material.
Released: 1969-10-05
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 30 min
Country: United Kingdom

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